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UMINF 15.11

Towards Optimized Self-Management of Distributed Object Storage Systems

Cloud storage is increasingly adopted by users due to simplified storage systems compared to on-premise storage. These systems are mostly presented as Object Storage Systems (OSSs), hiding issues, such as redundancy, from users. As new industries are considering adopting clouds for storage, OSSs have to evolve to support new needs. Among the most challenging is assuring guaranteed performance.

In this paper, we present Controllable Trade-offs (CTO), an OSS-agnostic solution to add performance guarantees. CTO presents itself as a thin layer that mediates requests between the user and the OSS. For generic support, performance is controlled by tuning the rejection probability, and implemented as a user-side queue. Results show that CTO may reduce penalties 3.23 times on average and up to 68 times when the load is high.


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R.Talyansky, E.B. Lakew, C. Klein, F. Hernandez-Rodriguez, E. Elmroth, E. Levy

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