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UMINF Reports 2015

UMINF 15.17
Andrii Dmytryshyn , Stefan Johansson , Bo Kågström and Paul Van Dooren
Geometry of spaces for matrix polynomial Fiedler linearizations
UMINF 15.15
Andrii Dmytryshyn , Stefan Johansson and Bo Kågström
Canonical structure transitions of system pencils
UMINF 15.13
Henrik Björklund , Frank Drewes and Petter Ericson
Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Parsing for Hyperedge Replacement DAG Grammars
UMINF 15.12
Bjorn Adlerborn , Bo Kagstrom and Daniel Kressner
PDHGEQZ User Guide
UMINF 15.11
R.Talyansky, E.B. Lakew, C. Klein, F. Hernandez-Rodriguez, E. Elmroth, E. Levy
Towards Optimized Self-Management of Distributed Object Storage Systems
UMINF 15.06
Emadeldeen Hassan, Eddie Wadbro, and Martin Berggren
Time-Domain Sensitivity Analysis for Conductivity Distribution in Maxwell's Equations
UMINF 15.04
Andrii Dmytryshyn and Bo Kågström
Coupled Sylvester-type Matrix Equations and Block Diagonalization
UMINF 15.03
Suna Bensch and Thomas Hellström
Proceedings of Umeå's 19th Student Conference in Computing Science

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