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UMINF Reports 2012

UMINF 12.18
Michael Minock, Johan Mollevik and Mattias Åsander
Toward an Active Database Platform for Guiding Urban Pedestrians
UMINF 12.14
Wubin Li, Petter Svärd, Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth
A General Approach to Service Deployment in Cloud Environments
UMINF 12.05
Andrii Dmytryshyn, Bo Kågström and Vladimir Sergeichuk
The solution of a pair of matrix equations (X^T A+A X, X^T B+B X)=(0, 0) with skew-symmetric A and B
UMINF 12.03
Johanna Björklund and Lars-Daniel Öhman
Simulation relations as a means for pattern-matching in treebanks

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