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UMINF 21.06

Trustworthy AI Project - Practical Interview Protocol

With the goal of exploring the state-of-the-art of Trustworthy AI in Higher Education, we developed this interview protocol. The specific goals of this protocol were to obtain expert feedback on the following topics: 1. General awareness of the Guidelines amongst stakeholders in HE 2. Inclusion of the Requirements in current educational programs 3. Current educational practices for Trustworthy AI (topics, learning outcomes, evaluation) 4. Incentives to facilitate the inclusion of Trustworthy AI topics in HE 5. Risks and opportunities Partners from ALLAI, Universidad de Alcalá, Maynooth University and Umeå Universitet followed a training session in order to unify how the interviews were conducted. Interviewees were therefore asked the same questions in the same manner, allowing to contrast answers in a qualitative analysis.


AI; Trustworthy AI; Education; Interview protocol


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