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UMINF 12.20

Tree diameter estimation using laser scanner

Accurate vehicle localization in forest environments is still an unresolved problem. GPS has obvious limitations in dense forest, and has to be mixed with other techniques to provide satisfying solutions. One possible way is to localize the vehicle relative to trees detected around the vehicle. The first step to implement this method is is to find reliable methods to detect trees, and also to match them to maps. The reliability of this matching operation is improved by accurate estimations of tree diameter. In this paper we evaluate a number of existing algorithms for detection of trees and estimation of tree diameter. Three new algorithms are also suggested. All algorithms were evaluated in field experiments at three different locations with varying tree trunk visibility. The results show that one of the existing algorithms is clearly less reliable than the other two. Noticeable is that the existing algorithms often overestimate tree trunk diameter. The new algorithms mostly underestimate, but are most accurate in some situations.


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