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UMINF 12.14

A General Approach to Service Deployment in Cloud Environments

The cloud computing landscape has recently developed into a spectrum of cloud architectures, leading to a broad range of management tools for similar operations but specialized for certain deployment scenarios. This both hinders the efficient reuse of algorithmic innovations within cloud management operations and increases the heterogeneity between different management systems. Our overarching goal is to overcome these problems by developing tools general enough to support the full range of popular architectures. In this contribution, we analyze commonalities in recently proposed cloud models (private clouds, multi-clouds, bursted clouds, federated clouds, etc.), and demonstrate how a key management functionality - service deployment - can be uniformly performed in all of these by a carefully designed system. The design of our service deployment framework is validated through a demonstration of how it can be used to deploy services, perform bursting and brokering, as well as mediate a cloud federation in the context of the OPTIMIS Toolkit.


Cloud Computing; Cloud Architecture; Service Deployment;


Wubin Li, Petter Svärd, Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth

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