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UMINF 08.03

Stratification of Controllability and Observability Pairs - Theory and Use in Applications

Cover relations for orbits and bundles of controllability and observability pairs associated with linear time-invariant systems are derived. The cover relations are combinatorial rules acting on integer sequences, each representing a subset of the Jordan and singular Kronecker structures of the corresponding system pencil. By representing these integer sequences as coin piles, the derived stratification rules are expressed as minimal coin moves between and within these piles, which satisfy and preserve certain monotonicity properties. The stratification theory is illustrated with two examples from systems and control applications, a mechanical system consisting of a thin uniform platform supported at both ends by springs, and a linearized Boeing 747 model. For both examples, nearby uncontrollable systems are identified as subsets of the complete closure hierarchy for the associated system pencils.


Stratification, matrix pairs, controllability, observability, robustness, Kronecker structures, orbit, bundle, closure hierarchy, cover relations, StratiGraph.


Erik Elmroth, Stefan Johansson & Bo Kågström

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