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UMINF Reports

UMINF 23.04
Mohammad Reza Saleh Sedghpour
Towards Self-Driving Microservices
UMINF 22.08
Helena Lindgren , Karin Danielsson and Per Holm
AI Competence and Education at Umeå Universitet: What's next? Workshop March 2022
UMINF 22.06
Teodora Neagu and Andrea Aler Tubella
Mental models of automated recruiting systems
UMINF 22.04
Ahmad H. Bokhari and Eddie Wadbro
Sensitivity analysis of a coupled plasmonic problem
UMINF 20.14
Helena Lindgren , Karin Danielsson , Per Holm , Tommy Löfstedt , Anna Mannelkvist , Ola Ringdahl and Patrik Rydén
AI Competence for Sweden vid Umeå Universitet - Rapport 2018-2019
UMINF 20.06
Pedher Johansson and Marie Nordström
Den vetenskapliga tryggheten - två studier
UMINF 20.05
Pedher Johansson and Marie Nordström
Den vetenskapliga tryggheten - en workshop
UMINF 20.04
Pedher Johansson and Marie Nordström
Den vetenskapliga tryggheten - Ett lärande skrivande
UMINF 20.02
Angelika Schwarz , Carl Christian Kjelgaard Mikkelsen and Lars Karlsson
Robust Parallel Eigenvector Computation For the Non-Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem
UMINF 20.01
Suna Bensch , Jerry Eriksson , Kary Främling and Thomas Hellström
Proceedings of Umeå's 24th Student Conference in Computing Science
UMINF 18.17
Johanna Björklund , Frank Drewes and Giorgio Satta
Z-automata for Compact and Direct Representation of Unranked Tree Languages
UMINF 18.11
Amardeep Mehta , Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew , Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth
Utility-based Allocation of Industrial IoT Applications in Mobile Edge Clouds
UMINF 18.06
UMINF 18.03
Claude Lacoursière and Tomas Härdin
FMIGo! A runtime environment for FMI based simulation.
UMINF 17.15
Jayalakshmi Baskar and Helena Lindgren
A Semantic Model of Human-Agent Dialogues
UMINF 16.22
Mahmoud Eljammaly and Lars Karlsson
A Library for Storing and Manipulating Dense Tensors
UMINF 16.21
Mahmoud Eljammaly, Lars Karlsson, and Bo Kågström
Evaluation of the Tunability of New NUMA-Aware Hessenberg Reduction Algorithm
UMINF 16.17
Tanmay Chaudhry , Christoph Doblander , Anatol Dammer , Cristian Klein and Hans-Arno Jacobsen
Retrofitting Admission Control in an Internet-Scale Application
UMINF 16.06
Johanna Björklund and Niklas Zechner
Syntactic methods for topic-independent authorship attribution
UMINF 15.17
Andrii Dmytryshyn , Stefan Johansson , Bo Kågström and Paul Van Dooren
Geometry of spaces for matrix polynomial Fiedler linearizations
UMINF 15.15
Andrii Dmytryshyn , Stefan Johansson and Bo Kågström
Canonical structure transitions of system pencils
UMINF 15.13
Henrik Björklund , Frank Drewes and Petter Ericson
Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Parsing for Hyperedge Replacement DAG Grammars
UMINF 15.12
Bjorn Adlerborn , Bo Kagstrom and Daniel Kressner
PDHGEQZ User Guide
UMINF 15.11
R.Talyansky, E.B. Lakew, C. Klein, F. Hernandez-Rodriguez, E. Elmroth, E. Levy
Towards Optimized Self-Management of Distributed Object Storage Systems
UMINF 15.06
Emadeldeen Hassan, Eddie Wadbro, and Martin Berggren
Time-Domain Sensitivity Analysis for Conductivity Distribution in Maxwell's Equations
UMINF 15.04
Andrii Dmytryshyn and Bo Kågström
Coupled Sylvester-type Matrix Equations and Block Diagonalization
UMINF 15.03
Suna Bensch and Thomas Hellström
Proceedings of Umeå's 19th Student Conference in Computing Science
UMINF 14.24
Robert Granat , Bo Kågström , Daniel Kressner and Meiyue Shao
PDHSEQR User's Guide
UMINF 14.23
Benjamin Fonooni
Cognitive Interactive Robot Learning
UMINF 14.21
Mina Sedaghat, , Francisco Hernández-Rodriguez , Erik Elmroth, and Sarunas Girdzijauskas
Divide the Task, Multiply the Outcome: Cooperative VM Consolidation
UMINF 14.11
Petter Svärd , Benoit Hudzia , Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth
Hecatonchire: Enabling Multi-Host Virtual Machines by Resource Aggregation and Pooling
UMINF 14.10
Petter Svärd , Benoit Hudzia , Steve Walsh , Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth
The Noble Art of Live VM Migration - Principles and Performance
UMINF 14.08
Petter Svärd , Wubin Li , Eddie Wadbro , Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth
Continuous Datacenter Consolidation
UMINF 14.04
Frank Drewes and Berthold Hoffmann
Contextual Hyperedge Replacement
UMINF 14.03
Björn Adlerborn, Bo Kågström, and Daniel Kressner
A Parallel QZ Algorithm for Distributed Memory HPC Systems
UMINF 14.02
Andrii Dmytryshyn and Bo Kågström
Orbit closure hierarchies of skew-symmetric matrix pencils
UMINF 13.21
Fredrik Georgsson, Tekniska högskolan vid Umeå universitet , Susanne Vikström, Tekniska högskolan vid Umeå universitet , Svante Gunnarsson, Tekniska högskolan vid Linköpings universitet , Johan Malmqvist, Chalmers tekniska högskola , Roy Andersson, Lunds tekniska högskola , Dag Raudberget, Tekniska högskolan i Jönköping and Stefan Pålsson, Uppsala universitet
Konferenspublikation till 4:e Utvecklingskonferensen för Sveriges ingenjörsutbildningar
UMINF 13.15
Mauricio Osorio , Juan Carlos Nieves and Alejandro Santoyo
Complete Extensions as Clark's Completion Semantics
UMINF 13.14
-- Unknown author --
Capacity Scaling for Elastic Compute Clouds
UMINF 13.12
Andrii Dmytryshyn , Bo Kågström and Vladimir V. Sergeichuk
Symmetric matrix pencils: codimension counts and the solution of a pair of matrix equations
UMINF 13.11
Henrik Björklund , Johanna Björklund and Niklas Zechner
Compact representation of finite automata with failure transitions
UMINF 13.09
Esubalewe Lakie Yedeg
Control and Design of Engineering Mechanics Systems
UMINF 13.02
Mostafa Pordel and Thomas Hellström
Robotics Architecture Frameworks, Available Tools and Further Requirements
UMINF 12.18
Michael Minock , Johan Mollevik and Mattias Åsander
Toward an Active Database Platform for Guiding Urban Pedestrians
UMINF 12.14
Wubin Li, Petter Svärd, Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth
A General Approach to Service Deployment in Cloud Environments
UMINF 12.05
Andrii Dmytryshyn , Bo Kågström and Vladimir Sergeichuk
The solution of a pair of matrix equations (X^T A+A X, X^T B+B X)=(0, 0) with skew-symmetric A and B
UMINF 12.03
Johanna Björklund and Lars-Daniel Öhman
Simulation relations as a means for pattern-matching in treebanks
UMINF 11.13
Ola Ågren
Using the ProT Nordic Web Dataset
UMINF 10.10
Henrik Björklund and Johanna Högberg
Shuffle Languages for Plan Recognition
UMINF 10.01
D. Noreland , R. Udawalpola , P. Seoane , E. Wadbro and M. Berggren
An efficient loudspeaker horn designed by numerical optimization: an experimental study
UMINF 09.22
Frank Drewes , Johanna Högberg and Andreas Maletti
MAT Learners for Tree Series - an Abstract Data Type and Two Realizations
UMINF 09.18
Håkan Fors Nilsson och David Grundberg
Plane-Based Close Range Photogrammetric Reconstruction of Buildings
UMINF 09.10
Robert Granat and Bo Kågström
SCASY Users' Guide - Release 1.0
UMINF 09.06
Robert Granat, Bo Kågström and Daniel Kressner
A novel parallel QR algorithm for hybrid distributed memory HPC systems
UMINF 08.11
Thomas Pederson and Dipak Surie
A Situative Space Model for Distributed Multimodal Interaction
UMINF 08.10
Erik Billing and Thomas Hellström
Formalising Learning from Demonstration
UMINF 08.09
Jürgen Börstler , Marie Nordström , Lena Kallin Westin , Jan Erik Moström , Henrik B. Christensen and Jens Bennedsen
An Evaluation Instrument for Object-Oriented Example Programs for Novices
UMINF 08.07
Thomas Hellström and Ola Ringdahl
Path planning for off-road vehicles with a simulator-in-the-loop
UMINF 08.06
Thomas Hellström , Pär Lärkeryd , Tomas Nordfjell and Ola Ringdahl

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