Access your files from the Web

A web-based filemanager is available on:

Login with your regular CS Username and Password

Access your files as an harddrive (WebDAV protocol)

You can mount your home-folder as a harddrive in most operating systems

Note: This requires using a Service Password for WebDAV

See detailed instructions for how to set this up at:

WebDAV mounting guide [swedish]

WebDAV Connection Details
Username: Your CS username
Password: A service password for WebDAV (you can't use regular CS password here)

Access your files with FileZilla/WinSCP

FileZilla is a open source file transfer application, available for Win/Mac/Linux. Download the client from FileZilla Project, or from your Linux distribution.

Check File->Site manager and add a New Site:

  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Host:
  • User: yourCSusername
  • Click Connect and login with your regular CS username and password.

    WinSCP is a similar tool, but only for Microsoft Windows.