Current Exams

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Important information regarding exams

You should be aware of the rules for exams in written halls (See "Rules and guidelines for written exams" and "Policy document for written exams" at )

As a student on a course, with a written exam, given by the Department of Computing Science you should do the following:

  1. Look at your schedule too see when the exam is to take place.
  2. Go to Portalen no later than 10 working days before the exam date (and no earlier than 20 working days before) and register for the exam.
  3. If you can not register for the exam in Portalen, make sure that
    • you are admitted and registered on the course (or have been registered on it before)
    • you are not too early or too late to register
    If you still can not register, contact and describe the problem.

Note: Students who will be taking the exam with special aids/on special terms due to a functional impairment shall inform the department at least one month before the exam. Otherwize we might not be able to assist in the best way possible.

No exams are scheduled at this moment

ÖPx means Östra Paviljongerna room x